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the daily headlines, 24/7, display the insanity of the elite, even (especially) the Ivy Tower and Corporate Loving scientists (see below, methane into CO2 at $12K a ton)

Greenhouse gas emissions from the plastic lifecycle threaten the ability of the global community to keep global temperature rise below 1.5°C. By 2050, the greenhouse gas emissions from plastic could reach over 56 gigatons—10-13 percent of the entire remaining carbon budget.

If plastic production and use grow as currently planned, by 2030, these
emissions could reach 1.34 gigatons per year—equivalent to the emissions released by more than 295 new 500-megawatt coal-fired power plants. By 2050, the cumulation of these greenhouse gas emissions from plastic could reach over 56 gigatons—10–13 percent of the entire remaining carbon budget. Plastic & Climate: The Hidden Costs of a Plastic Planet

Beach Cleanup. Credit: Bo Eide
Plastic and Climate

Cognitive dissonance. Hubris. Collectively insane. Spiritually broken. Chronically ill. Co-occurring mental stress. Colonized minds. Co-opted by demons. Amnesiacs. Sick. Openly stupid. Pandering. Racist. Xenophobic. Genocidal. Ecocidal.

Look, this blog can go deep, long, detailed, with some amount of layering. That’s life, man, layers, webs, connectivity, intersectionalities, confluences.

At the cellular level, pure complex. At the quantum level, absolutely multifaceted. String theory or the wood wide web, it all posits that some in the Homo Sapiens line have the ability to connect and see the systems and be part of that deep thinking process, holistically, and to delve into this one life we have on planet earth as a way to enhance the human and total ecological condition.

But the fact is humanity has been seeded with pathogens — those coming from the rot of marketers, snake oil salesmen, war lords, chemical conjurers, dream spinners, dirty thinkers, greed generators. I’m not saying that there are that many in the 7.4 billion that ascribe this above. It’s a small but in the scheme of things powerful critical mass of haters and abusers.

Raping women with pregnancy laws, raping lakes with lead and mercury, raping minds with the rot of Pearson Publishing-Google Chrome books, standardized thinking, and hope in the form of material things.

Just go to any specific subject matter on a typical university campus or look at any societal category or current events heading, and we can see how crisis after crisis, social injustice after injustice, environmental despoilment after despoilment and emotional dredging after dredging have colonized the Western mind, the American landscape.

Here, Vandana, in a nutshell, our life, food, fucked up by Gates and Bayer and the titans of harm and murder.

Image result for Vandana Shiva

This arena, Shiva’s work, which is intersectional for sure, will never be allowed in most PK12 schools, first, because the standardized pablum, common corrupted core, allow no real thinking. I am teaching youth and have taught college English and communications classes, and hands down, the majority of students are not just deer caught in the headlights of greed and parasitic capitalism, but rather rabid raccoons with streams of garbage dangling from rotting teach caught in the spotlights of a punishment society run by ruthless and pathological men, and their few colonized women.

The title of this book, Oneness vs. the 1%, explain.

VANDANA SHIVA: Well, oneness is the recognition that, A, we are part of one planet, and we are one humanity. And unless we live with that consciousness and shape every moment of our production and consumption with that consciousness, we are going to destroy ourselves, which we are. The melting of the glaciers is one of the very severe indicators.

The 1 percent, of course, is the symbol of the concentration of wealth under the rules of the neoliberal economies, that are basically, on the one hand, turning every natural resource into a war zone. Even the Venezuelan issue is really a war over oil.

But war over seeds, that’s my life’s work, to keep seeds free, because they literally are a war over control of seeds, by a poison cartel of three—Monsanto and Bayer, Syngenta and ChemChina, Dow and DuPont—all of them with their roots in Hitler’s Germany and finding chemicals to kill people. No wonder they’re still killing people. No wonder they’re killing our butterflies and our bees and our pollinators.

And every indicator is showing we are not just in a severe climate catastrophe; we are in the sixth mass extinction. And both the species extinction and the climate catastrophe are two sides of the same coin.

Image result for Vandana Shiva new book

But do we even have an hour or two a week to get youth to read, to hear minds like Shiva’s, to work through the critical thinking processes needed to bring down these devils, these abominations like Gates and Bayer and Boeing and Big Pharma and Raytheon and Shell, and, well, put in this blank___________________________ any number of Fortune 1000 and Dow Jones ticket LLC names and you will then have a list of true demons of the Jeffrey Dahmer kind.

Related image

SHIVA on Democracy Now : Well, Bayer, everyone thinks they began starting with aspirin. They began, for Hitler’s Germany, making Zyklon B, the gas that was used to kill millions in the concentration camps. They were part of IG Farben. IG Farben was the cartel that was tried at Nuremberg. One of Bayer’s inventions is heroin.

And it was called “heroin” because it made you feel like a hero. I think one future program you could do, Amy, is how the devastation of our societies, how the destruction of the economy of Mexico has created the drug trade; how the devastation of rural America, as well as the unemployment in the industrial belt, has created the opioid crisis; how Punjab, the land of the Green Revolution, 75 percent youth are now drug addicts.

So, Bayer bought out Monsanto. Bayer bought—so, Monsanto today is Bayer. And it’s a German company. But these are global companies. They have no home. They have no loyalty. They are accountable to no citizens. All of them work through tax havens. You know, if you know—I think it’s—which is the place in America that’s a tax haven, where all of the companies are registered? Delaware. Delaware. All of—including Monsanto. So, Monsanto was bought out by Bayer for the simple reason that they wanted to erase the name of Monsanto, which has become such a dirty name.

But when I did this book, Oneness vs. the 1%, I wanted to really figure out, you know, what are the stocks, what are the ownerships. That’s when I realized that the majority stocks in all the corporations that rule our world are owned by the investment funds, which is where the billionaires stock their money. The biggest, BlackRock, the second biggest, Vanguard, they were nothing until the 2008 Wall Street disaster. Last year, BlackRock was $6 trillion—$6 trillion. They lost 30 percent with one case, of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready causing cancer. It’s a Californian case of Dewayne Johnson. And the jurors ruled that—

Roundup is the herbicide that kills everything, but it has been known by the World Health Organization to be a carcinogen. Monsanto attacked the World Health Organization, like they attacked me, like they attack anybody who speaks the truth and tells good science.

But a Californian jury has ruled. And the day the ruling came, Bayer lost 35 percent. So, when people feel, “Oh, these guys are too powerful,” I say, “They’re just three. We are 300 million species. We are 7 billion people. We are more.”

And secondly, they are a bubble, that has exploded with fictions of financial multiplication, with rent collections. Basically, Monsanto and Bayer are nothing but rent collectors. They are the lifelords of today, like feudalism had the landlords. They do no work. They do nothing. They don’t breed seed. They make poison, and then collect rents. I think we need a better world in terms of how we grow our food.

Ironically, most Americans I talk with — so-called greenies or Democrats or Obama lovers, or any of the ones that believe Biden would be better than Trump and Sanders would be better than Biden and Warren would be better than Bernie and, well, you get the picture — they have no idea how messed up capitalism is, or they don’t want to believe all the messed up things that this system seeds into their communities and even the entire regions they live in.

They have to have their perversions — Trump, Pompeo, Abrams, Kissinger, Clarence Thomas, and, well, just use this blank_________________ and fill in that demonic name, that frat boy freak, or the female version like Sarah Huckebee Sanders or any of the female freaks or people of color who stand behind the perversion that is Trump the Leader of Deplorables. They will never ever attack the billionaire class that golfs with Michelle or pays Barak his cool $350K per insipid talk.

Cover art

Gates, Bill and Melinda:

By putting influence on the government of India, because just like there’s a federal structure in America, and your taxation system in Massachusetts is different from the taxation system of Oregon, Oregon is different from the taxation system in New York, they made it one uniform GST.

Before that, Bill Gates—and I have a story in there, how Bill Gates and the other IT industry worked to get cash banned. They called it the “war on cash.” Now, 90 percent of India’s economy is cash. Overnight, everyone lost their lifetime savings. Everyone was made poor. Everyone was made vulnerable. Demonetization is what it was called, and the GST. These are the two things that are being debated in our national election lead-up right now.

Bezos is now working with our dear Bill Gates. They want a 0 percent duty—0 percent duty—on e-commerce. Does it mean that when they ship things, they don’t ship goods? No, they ship goods, but with zero taxation. The person on the ground in a real local economy will be paying a tax. As it is, they have become more expensive. The real economy has been made artificially more expensive because of the cheating by the money machine.

Well, as is known and is in the book, Bill Gates did not invent anything. The BASIC program was made by some mathematics professors in a college. The Office operating system was by a software engineer, and he bought it for $50,000. He’s built an empire by creating patents on software. And the first WTO meeting in Singapore gave him tax concessions, which is why all the IT industry moved to India. The fact that Silicon Valley became India Silicon Valley is because they could save $40 billion annually by paying lower wages for the same work. It was an outsourcing of software, all for Bill Gates. With his accumulation of money and making any communication system illegal, like the communication system through real currency and forcing digital payments, he’s the one who gains, because all the software for all the digital economy, he collects rents and royalties on that.

And then he started to put some of his money into philanthropy. And everyone thinks, “Wow! He’s such a generous man. He gives so much.” But I’ve done an analysis in the book. Every place he gives to is his former future markets. I’ll give you a simple example. So, the first generation of GMOs, the Bt cotton, the Roundup Ready soy and Roundup Ready corn, have started to breed superpests and superweeds. So now they’re trying to get new GMOs based on gene editing and gene drives. In gene editing, not only is Gates financing the research, he has created a company for the patents. It’s called Editas. So, he will collect rents when gene editing is pushed through.

And worse, in the United States, half the farmlands are overtaken by superweeds. The most important one is Palmer amaranth. Amaranth is a sacred crop for us. We eat it. Now, the U.S. Defense system DARPA and Bill Gates have joined hands for a new technology called gene drives to push species to extinction. And they want to drive the amaranth to extinction. And there’s a footnote in that report saying, “Oh, yeah, there will be a food insecurity impact on India. They eat amaranth.” No, there will be a food security impact on the world. There is an—this is an acceleration of the race to extinction. It is immoral. It should be made illegal.

Oh, then I go over to Grist, that bizarre magazine! I used to have students in Spokane go to this digital magazine to start conversations. But it is from Seattle, Seattle-based, and my time in Seattle, living and working, and the times I had to associate with Seattlites, well, it makes sense that this magazine, Grist, is so-so bullshit, middle of the road, and, yes, sometimes it gets environmental stuff right but it can’t deal with real heavyweights like Shiva! Attacking Shiva by another pencil neck hiker. Here, in this little pencil doozy:

Nathanael Johnson — When I look for leaders, I look for people who are able to keep those soft, big-picture goals squarely in focus while they grapple with the nitty-gritty details. It’s the people with a combination of romantic and rationalist traits — with the heart of a poet and the mind of a mathematician — that make meaningful progress.

I’d like to think that Shiva could still become one of those people, but at this stage she has invested all her rhetorical capital on demonizing genetic engineering. I still think that Shiva’s big-picture critique is valid, and her work for social justice is valuable. I just wish that she’d accept reasonable evidence to figure out the causes of the problems she’s identified, rather that explaining away evidence by saying that Monsanto now “control[s] the entire scientific literature of the world.”

Oh well, a magazine run by a former state rep — from Wikipedia: Brady Piñero Walkinshaw (born March 26, 1984) is an American politician who served in the Washington State House of Representatives from 2013 to 2017. Walkinshaw represented the 43rd legislative district, which encompasses much of central Seattle. Since 2017, he has served as CEO of Grist, a Seattle-based online magazine focusing on environmental news. He had the endorsement of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund and The Seattle Times, but lost the election to Pramila Jayapal.

Back back to the insanity that hooked me to the title and subtitle above — these Stanford people, cooking up more schemes, that will fail. Making money, in their minds, collecting carbon by producing carbon from methane. Insanity, the premise. Inside their silos, and again, a world with 9 billion people needs HUGE multi-regional planning, a world where women control birthrates, where education is the top product of the day, where worthy work and equitable economies will drive people to eat healthy, to grow healthy, to restore forests, corals, the bloody plankton that make 1/2 our oxygen. But, alas, you throw hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to these superstar tenured faculty, and then they get tens of thousands for speaking and more for consulting with the capitalists, well, you get this! Vision for a Profitable Climate Future

Most scenarios for removing carbon dioxide typically assume hundreds of billions of tons removed over decades and do not restore the atmosphere to pre-industrial levels. In contrast, methane concentrations could be restored to pre-industrial levels by removing about 3.2 billion tons of the gas from the atmosphere and converting it into an amount of carbon dioxide equivalent to a few months of global industrial emissions, according to the researchers. If successful, the approach would eliminate approximately one-sixth of all causes of global warming to date.

Methane is challenging to capture from air because its concentration is so low. However, the authors point out that zeolite, a crystalline material that consists primarily of aluminum, silicon and oxygen, could act essentially as a sponge to soak up methane. “The porous molecular structure, relatively large surface area and ability to host copper and iron in zeolites make them promising catalysts for capturing methane and other gases,” said Ed Solomon, the Monroe E. Spaght Professor of Chemistry in the School of Humanities and Sciences.

The whole process might take the form of a giant contraption with electric fans forcing air through tumbling chambers or reactors full of powdered or pelletized zeolites and other catalysts. The trapped methane could then be heated to form and release carbon dioxide, the authors suggest.

The process of converting methane to carbon dioxide could be profitable with a price on carbon emissions or an appropriate policy. If market prices for carbon offsets rise to $500 or more per ton this century, as predicted by most relevant assessment models, each ton of methane removed from the atmosphere could be worth more than $12,000.

Ha! I might as well end on a positive note (NOT) about the state of journalism (NOT) in this country (sic). Oh, it’s so easy to hate the fake progressives and mushroomed-out conservative hippies of San Francisco. Oh, SF, what a rotten city, but I still love those citizens, for sure, who fight for something along the lines I have scatter shot mentioned above.

Adachi leak: San Francisco ransacks its values with police raid on reporter’s home — Kudos to two supervisors who have been among the few non-journalists to publicly call out the Police Department for its terrible behavior. Supervisor Aaron Peskin released a statement Wednesday slamming both the Police Department and the judges who gave the go-ahead to the raid.

“A free press is a fundamental pillar of our democracy and must be protected,” Peskin said. “The fact that the Superior Court nevertheless signed warrants authorizing police to conduct the raid on a journalist’s home and to confiscate their belongings boggles my mind.”

Supervisor Hillary Ronen said San Francisco progressives relish leaks from the Trump administration, which have been the basis for so many national stories putting the president in a negative light. But she added that means supporting local journalists’ rights to receive leaked information, too, even if it put Adachi, beloved by the city’s progressives, in a negative light.

“We cannot have it both ways,” Ronen said. “I am shocked that the judges in this case, the police chief, the mayor, that so many levels of government aren’t decrying this abuse of power. … Never in my wildest dreams did I think they would sledgehammer a journalist’s door and take all of his equipment. It’s an abuse of power, and I don’t know what’s going on here.”

You and me both, supervisor

I am feeling like that might happen to anyone, with a blog like this, or writing for other spaces, like my work over at Dissident Voice. Pound in my door out here in rural Oregon, have a couple of thugs dressed up as home invasion meth users. Have my body plugged full of holes as I defend as any good Che would my little abode while I am here writing and teaching. Ya think it can’t happen? That’s when things go haywire like, and, yes, I am nothing in the eyes of the capitalists. Nothing more than a tick!

Speaking of which — this is how perverse EVERYTHING about capitalism is, down to the fucking tick: Where Lyme Disease Came From and Why It Eludes Treatment by DAVID SWANSON

The outbreak of unusual tick-borne disease around Long Island Sound actually started in 1968, and it involved three diseases: Lyme arthritis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and babesiosis. A U.S. bioweapons scientist, Willy Burgdorfer, credited in 1982 with discovering the cause of Lyme disease, may have put the diseases into ticks 30 years earlier. And his report on the cause of Lyme disease may have involved a significant omission that has made it harder to diagnose or cure. The public focus on only one of the three diseases has allowed a disaster that could have been contained to become widespread.

Newby documents in detail Burgdorfer’s work for the U.S. government giving diseases to ticks in large quantities to be used as weapons, as they have been in Cuba in 1962, for example. “He was growing microbes inside ticks, having the ticks feed on animals, and then harvesting the microbes from the animals that exhibited the level of illness the military had requested.”

Burgdorfer published a paper in 1952 about the intentional infecting of ticks. In 2013, filmmaker Tim Grey asked him, on camera, whether the pathogen he had identified in 1982 as the cause of Lyme disease was the same one or similar or a generational mutation of the one he’d written about in 1952. Burgdorfer replied in the affirmative.

Interviewed by Newby, Burgdorfer described his efforts to create an illness that would be difficult to test for — knowledge of which he might have shared earlier with beneficial results for those suffering.
Newby, who has herself suffered from Lyme disease, blames the profit interests of companies and the corruption of government for the poor handling of Lyme disease. But her writing suggests to me a possibility she doesn’t raise, namely that those who know where Lyme disease came from have avoided properly addressing it because of where it came from.

Newby assumes throughout the book that there has to have been a particular major incident near Long Island Sound, either an accident or an experiment on the public or an attack by a foreign nation. Burgdorfer reportedly claimed to another researcher that Russia stole U.S. bioweapons. Based on that and nothing else, Newby speculates that perhaps Russia attacked the United States with diseased ticks, coincidentally right in the location where the U.S. government experimented with diseased ticks.

“What this book brings to light,” Newby writes, “is that the U.S. military has conducted thousands of experiments exploring the use of ticks and tick-borne diseases as biological weapons, and in some cases, these agents escaped into the environment. The government needs to declassify the details of these open-air bioweapons tests so that we can begin to repair the damage these pathogens are inflicting on human and animals in the ecosystem.”

Well, let’s just keep moving on, back to the pigs of America, COPS. Just look at these idiots, and I have a right to call cops idiots because I worked as a reporter in several towns and states as a police beat print journalist, and, b, I have worked with them as a volunteer in K-9 outfits in Tucson, and, c, I have had many Criminal Justice (sic) majors in the many classes I have taught in the many cities from where I plied my trades. Look at these pigs:

Ahh, but this journalist, hmm, he has a past, too, and this might all be a smear of him by cops and, well, he is going to make out, I believe with this raid and arrest. America is full of sharks, full of snake oil salesmen and saleswomen. His lawyer makes out, and the reporters doing stories on the reporter (sic) make out. You think this Carmody will also make out, somehow. I have a suspicion, yes he will! First, from the Columbia Journalism Review:

BRYAN CARMODY, a freelance journalist in San Francisco, often works the night shift, shooting videos of car crashes, police chases, structure fires, and other breaking news events, and selling them in the morning to the Bay Area’s local television stations. So he was asleep at 8:20am on Friday when police officers started banging on his front gate with a sledgehammer. The officers had a warrant, and they handcuffed Carmody for five and a half hours while they searched his home and then his office, five miles away. They were looking, Carmody says, for the identity of an anonymous source who had given him a police report on the recent death of San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi.

“They searched my house at gunpoint,” Carmody says. “They were running around like they were a SWAT team, even though they weren’t.”

ICYMI: NY journalist handcuffed to railing over his head

This was an extraordinary step by San Francisco police, the first such raid of a journalist’s home or office that Carmody’s lawyer, Thomas Burke, can remember. Pressure to unmask anonymous sources is nothing new, nor are legal threats against government employees who leak documents. But police officers storming into a journalist’s home with their guns drawn is nearly unheard of, frowned upon by custom and statute.

“Search warrants for journalists are very, very rare,” Burke, a partner at Davis Wright Tremaine in San Francisco and a lecturer in media law at the University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism, says. “They just don’t happen, and they shouldn’t happen.”

Well well, now it turns out that this ambulance chaser is not a really kind guy, and he has supported the very pigs who arrested him, and probably still does. But alas, free speech if for Gawker as it is for the CIA-backed/infiltrated/oved NYT. More from CJR: The threat and the irony of the San Francisco stringer raid

Adachi was the city’s public defender for 17 years and was a vocal advocate for police reform and the rights of the accused. His death at age 59—brought on, a medical examiner concluded, by a mixture of cocaine and alcohol—was a major story in San Francisco. There was no evidence of foul play, and no cocaine found at the apartment where he died. But the reports and photos taken by police at the scene, which were leaked to Carmody and aired on local news broadcasts, included references to “an unmade bed,” the woman Adachi was with, and cannabis gummies and alcohol found in the apartment.

Some people in the city, including freelancer Joe Kukura in SFist, thought police officers were trying to smear Adachi with the leak. Carmody says he won’t speculate about his source’s motives for leaking the report.

Carmody is well known and not particularly well liked by other Bay Area journalists. Not long after the news of the police raid hit Twitter, the Oakland-based journalist and illustrator Susie Cagle posted, “I blocked this guy several years ago because he used to constantly harass me. But this raid is no less outrageous.” Vivian Ho, a reporter with The San Francisco Chronicle from 2011 to 2017, echoed the sentiment, tweeting, “Bryan Carmody’s harassment of me and other reporters was repugnant and inexcusable, but so is this raid.” Other journalists replied with similar comments.

Cagle and Ho both say their unpleasant encounters with Carmody happened years ago, and neither saved any messages or screenshots of his comments. (Carmody has deleted his old tweets.) Both journalists say Carmody sent them insulting tweets after they were arrested while covering the Occupy Oakland protests in 2011 and 2012. Carmody also covered the Occupy Oakland protests. “He was particularly vile to me while I was covering Occupy in Oakland, where I was arrested twice while working, which he thought was great,” Cagle said in an interview conducted over Twitter direct messages.

Ho said her interactions with Carmody were similar.

“I covered a lot of protests. Anybody who didn’t appear staunchly pro-police in their coverage was somebody he harassed,” Ho said via direct messages. “I don’t remember the exact things he said to me, but it was something along the lines of when protestors hurt me, the police won’t help me.”

Asked about Ho’s recollections, Carmody says he was being “snarky,” and adds that he found Ho’s reporting to be reflexively anti-police. Still, he doesn’t dispute Ho’s recollection and says the comment about police not being there to protect her from protesters was “a true statement.”

Ho and Cagle both see irony in the fact that Carmody positioned himself as the pro-police journalist and then wound up with police raiding his home and newsroom. “If I were optimistic I would say maybe it would change his perspective on police and press freedom,” Cagle messaged. “But I’m not.”

Carmody says the incident hasn’t changed his outlook. He distinguishes between the department brass and internal affairs investigators, who were behind the raid, and the rank-and-file officers.

There it is, Tuesday’s USA! USA! USA! Will/Was Never Made Great Again insanity!

Oh, yeah, from Truthout! Imagine, all this writer is asking for are LABELS on glyphosate. Labels so when you want to kill weeds with a spray, you at least have a fucking warning. This is the state of America — let them spray carcinogens as long as there is a warning label on the side! Welcome cigarette USA. Welcome acceptable levels of death-creating toxins in the baby food. Welcome, Capitalism on Steroids. Monsanto’s Next Legal Battle Over Roundup Is in Its Hometown :

Elaine Stevick of Petaluma, California was supposed to be the next in line to take on Monsanto at trial.

But in his order of mediation, Judge Chhabria also vacated her May 20 trial date. A new trial date is to be discussed at the hearing on Wednesday.

Stevick and her husband Christopher Stevick sued Monsanto in April of 2016 and said in an interview that they are eager to get their chance to confront the company over the devastating damage they say Elaine’s use of Roundup has done to her health.

She was diagnosed in December 2014 at the age of 63 with multiple brain tumors due to a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma called central nervous system lymphoma (CNSL). Alberta Pilliod, who just won the most recent trial, also had a CNSL brain tumor.

The couple purchased an old Victorian home and overgrown property in 1990 and while Christopher worked on renovating the interior of the house, Elaine’s job was to spray weed killer over the weeds and wild onions that the couple said took over a good portion of the property.
She sprayed multiple times a year until she was diagnosed with cancer.

She never wore gloves or other protective clothing because believed it to be as safe as advertised, she said.

Stevick is currently in remission but nearly died at one point in her treatment, Christopher Stevick said.

“I called her the ‘queen of Roundup’ because she was always walking around spraying the stuff,” he told EHN.

The couple attended parts of both the Pilliod and Hardeman trials, and said they are grateful the truth about Monsanto’s actions to hide the risks are coming into the public spotlight. And they want to see Bayer and Monsanto start warning users about the cancer risks of Roundup and other glyphosate-based herbicides.

“We want the companies to take responsibility for warning people — even if there is a chance that something would be harmful or hazardous for them, people should be warned,” Elaine Stevick told EHN.

My oh my, the state of discourse and thinking in the USA. So, it’s okay that you spray my ditches with Agent Orange, or send out clouds of DDT into your yard which comes to my patio, or flood a wetland where I fish and kayak in, with Round-up AS LONG as there is a warning label on that product YOU use around MY house, MY physiology, MY activities, MY recreating, MY diet!

God, Americans are colonized with sheer fear and stupidity! The lack of logic spewing from journalists, academics, politicians, business owners, corporations, whew, like living at the end of a sewer discharge pipe!

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